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[Spoilers!] Koe No Katachi - Chapter 56 by mokkurkalfe
[Spoilers!] Koe No Katachi - Chapter 56
[Spoilers for Koe No Katachi chapter 56]

Oh, wow! This chapter was fantastic! (And very emotional, but that's par for the course with KNK.)

DID YOU SEE SHOUKO OMG SO CUTE and Ishida('s subconscious) tries to get her to hold his hand, but she's not ready to move to that stage in their relationship, ISHIDA, so you better get used to trailing behind the good S/S Nishimiya tugboat. (See? There's always room for more shipping puns.)

Pasta-Kun Ishida surpassed his own previous record in flailing spaghetti limbs, and became more spaghetti than ever before! Holy crap on a stick, he even managed to turn his eyes into spaghetti, most impressive.

Fairy Tinker-Yuzuru-Bell was TOTES ADORBS.

And then Nagatsuka showed up with a HITLER MUSTACHE and a big scar shaped like a GAWDDAMN 'X' hey ladies stop dissing the Big N already, he's obviously a master of flair. And style. And um, subtlety. And good taste.

Hey, remember that chapter where Nagatsuka lectures Kawai about the paucity of manliness in her proposed script? And he explained that the protagonist should be "more hairy". Guess what's even manlier than a hirsute frame? A GAWDDAMN SCAR SHAPED LIKE A GAWDDAMN 'X'. (And mustaches, of course.)

But to be fair, he had apparently pressured the crew into making it a silent movie, with subtitles (and probably the music that Ueno had wrangled for them). Presumably, he did it so Nishimiya could enjoy the film on the same level as everyone else, which is very considerate of him. Aww, he's a good kid at heart, bless you Nagatsuka, and your horrible little 'stache, too.
[Spoilers!] Koe No Katachi - Chapter 54 by mokkurkalfe
[Spoilers!] Koe No Katachi - Chapter 54
Recently started reading Koe No Katachi (A Silent Voice) by Yoshitoki Ooima, and was overwhelmed by both the amazing storytelling and the heart-wrenching tragedies. If you haven't read it yet, go ahead and do so, right now, it's fantastic - oh, and you probably shouldn't be looking at these sketches, in that case, because: SPOILERS. (Hence the title.)
Pact Chapter 11-7 - Ellie Thorburn by mokkurkalfe
Pact Chapter 11-7 - Ellie Thorburn
Ellie Thorburn, in a scene from Pact chapter 11.7, right before she sneaks off to try and steal everything that isn't nailed down.

Her description (from the previous chapter):

"Ellie, with tattoos far less cool than my own, more a hodgepodge blend of different tattoos that didn’t flow together. The sort of look one picked up if they allowed themselves to be practice for a tattooer friend. A novice tattooer’s doodles more than tattoos with theme or thought put into them. She still hung back in the living room, lying on the couch where Rose’s parents had sat with the baby, far from the window. Four years older than me and Rose, she looked younger and smaller than Rose, just by virtue of a slight slouch. I’d likened her to a weasel in appearance. She had an extensive criminal record, but had managed to avoid doing too much time. Aunt Steph’s natural talent and lessons in gaming the system turned to simply getting away with shit."

NB: Those goofy tattoos on her arm are supposed to be a variety of Asian calligraphy on the theme "poop". That seems like the kind of ink that Ellie would end up with, if she lets herself be a doodle pad for amateur tattoo artists.


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